Pumpkin Cages

I was becoming frustrated because some “critter” was getting into the raised bed garden at night and eating the pumpkins. I hadn’t seen any tracks, so didn’t know what was having dinner. It was time to do some preventive measures, so after considering several options, including putting boxes, pots, Agribon, or mesh over the pumpkins, I constructed some protective cages from chicken wire in hopes that they would be a durable and effective deterrent.

Here’s how:

supplies for pumpkin cages

Cut about a 3 foot length of chicken wire off the roll. Weave the ends together to form a cylinder. Fold and bend one of the ends together to close this end. Tie with wire to keep this end closed.

forming a cage

Very carefully lift a pumpkin off the ground and ease it into the open end of the wire cylinder. After the pumpkin is safely ensconced, bend the open end wire together around the stem of the pumpkin being careful not to damage the pumpkin nor the stem. Voila! The pumpkin is ostensibly safe.

caged pumpkins - Aug 14 caged - Aug 14 caged pumpkins - Aug 14

So far, no more damage has occurred.

I have also installed a wildlife camera to see who our night-time visitors are.

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